Concrete Restoration

University of Lethbridge Tunnel RestorationThe deterioration of concrete within parking structures is a serious problem in our market. While the application of road salts certainly keeps us safe on the roads, it has a dramatic impact on our bridges and parking structures. Couple these chlorides with moisture penetration and you will have a need for maintenance, or perhaps full restoration, of your structure. The same is true for the deterioration of balconies. If not addressed, their integrity will become a concern.

For over 17 years, Durwest has been involved in concrete restoration throughout the prairie provinces. When called upon by the engineering community we can take on the complete package of restoration including:

•  Drainage flow

•  Structural or urethane injection

•  Concrete repair

•  Thin system traffic deck coatings

We provide all of these services with as little disruption to our client as possible.


Photo: University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge