Our Team

Meet the dynamic members of our team. Passionate, focused and committed, we strive to constantly pursue and achieve excellence in construction and customer satisfaction.

Greig Malcom, Chief Business Development Officer

With over 30 years experience in the construction industry, joined Durwest in 2006. Greig brings the leadership skills that Durwest needs to be the leader in our marketplace.

Phone: 403-253-7385 ext 223        Cell: 403-899-4090

Email: greig@durwestalta.com


Kevin Malcom, B.Mgt, President

After graduating from Sait’s business program, Kevin joined Durwest and spent time in the field. Since 2008, Kevin brings his expertise and great knowledge of field operations. A great multi-tasker, he has taken on several roles as Project Manager for both restoration and new construction. Kevin most recently added a degree in Bachelor of Management in 2017 to further strengthen his skills.

Phone: 403-253-7385 ext 222        Cell:  403-988-2440

Email: kevin@durwestalta.com


Mike Lozinski, Vice President of Operations

Mike has been a part of our team for over 14 years starting as a labourer in 2002. With his tenacity and drive to learn, he has become our Head of Operations. Skilled in all the disciplines we are involved with, Mike brings certain confidence to our field operations.

Phone: 403-253-7385        Cell: 403-333-2403

Email: mikel@durwestalta.com


Ian Kenney, Vice President

Ian came to Durwest in 2011 as a skilled individual with a clear understanding of the workings of concrete restoration. Now with over 17 years experience, Ian is a Project Manager bringing great strength to our company.

Phone: 403-253-7385 ext 227        Cell: 403-899-2689

Email: ian@durwestalta.com


Jason Remmert, Project Coordinator, C-NRPP Radon Measurement & Mitigation Professional

Jason joined the Durwest team in 2018. He brings with him 14 years of experience installing, supervising and managing various types of containment liner installations, vapor membrane and radon management systems. Jason is a C- NRPP Radon Measurement and Mitigation Professional and has the knowledge and experience to effectively work on any vapor or radon management system.

Phone: 403-253-7385        Cell: 403-899-7896

Email: jason@durwestalta.com


David Seeley, NCSO

Durwest secured it’s COR Certification for safety (Certificate of Recognition) in 2008 and David makes sure that as a company, we remain safe on job sites. Since David took the leadership roll in our safety program we have seen constant improvement and have never missed the highest of marks on our safety audits.

Phone: 403-253-7385 ext 225     Cell: 403-899-7890

Email: david.seeley@durwestalta.com


Vicki McMullan, Office Manager

Vicki joined us in May of 2017.  She manages to display a charismatic approach to her position and provides years of professional experience and expertise.

Phone: 403-253-7385 ext 0

Email: vicki@durwestalta.com


Steve McGrath, Operations Manager, Edmonton

Phone: 1-587-341-7119

Email: steve@durwestalta.com