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Our Services Include

•  Above Grade Horizontal Waterproofing

•  Below Grade Commercial Waterproofing

•  Cementitous Membrane

•  Concrete Restoration

•  Surface Preparation and Removal Equipment

•  Thin System Traffic Deck Coatings

•  Urethane or Bentonite Grout Injection

•  Radon / Vapour Management

Above Grade Horizontal & Below Grade Commercial Waterproofing

In new construction projects, as well as restoration projects, it is our job to ensure that water stays on the outside of structures. Durwest employs a wide variety of waterproofing technologies from hot pour rubberized asphalts, preformed sheet goods, cementitious materials, to cold applied material.

Each technology has very specific design locations for application and our team of experts can help guide you to the correct choices for your non-residential needs.

Durwest Bridge Deck

Crystalline Waterproofing

Durwest is well experienced with Crystalline Waterproofing. Successful applications include the interiors of elevator pits, water tanks and sump pits. This form of waterproofing is a second line of defence on the negative side of the concrete wall, further preventing the ingress of water into below grade areas.

Concrete Restoration

The deterioration of concrete within parking structures is a serious problem in our market. While the application of road salts certainly keeps us safe on the roads, it has a dramatic impact on our bridges and parking structures. Couple these chlorides with moisture penetration and you will have a need for maintenance, or perhaps full restoration, of your structure. The same is true for the deterioration of balconies. If not addressed, their integrity will become a concern.

For over 17 years, Durwest has been involved in concrete restoration throughout the prairie provinces. When called upon by the engineering community we can take on the complete package of restoration including:

•  Drainage flow

•  Urethane injection leak repairs

•  Concrete repair (slab edge, shallow/full depth, soffit)

•  Thin system traffic deck coatings

We provide all of these services with as little disruption to our client as possible.

Durwest Concrete Restoration

Surface Preparation and Removal Equipment

Durwest offers a complete array of equipment for the job. Whether it is shotblasting floors, removal of existing surfaces with our Terminator Floor Scaper, or using our Diamatic Z35 Pro Grinder, there is nothing that is “on” that we can not take off!

Durwest Surface Prep

Thin System Traffic Deck Coatings

In order to extend the longevity of structural concrete decks, a waterproof membrane is applied, along with a wearing course for vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic. Durwest prides itself on attention to detail when it comes to the application of Thin System Traffic Deck Coatings which follow quickly behind new construction or existing parkade restorations.

We are proud to have completed:

•  Over a million square feet of parkade coatings using BASF Systems. Projects in Calgary include structures such as Sundance West (120,000 sq.ft), Eighth Avenue Place (410,000 sq.ft), Encore Tower (260,000 sq.ft), Riverfront Pointe (80,000 sq.ft), Calgary Board of Education Center (96,000 sq.ft) and Chinook Mall (210,000 sq.ft).

•  Over a million square feet of Tremco waterproofing systems. Projects in Calgary include South Health Campus (580,000 sq. ft.), Calgary City Centre (226,000 sq. ft.), The Mustard Seed (38,000 sq. ft.), Quarry Crossing (180,000 sq. ft.) and Calgary Airport Expansion (252,000 sq. ft.).

We have also coated hundreds of thousands of square feet of Mechanical Rooms and have provided Pedestrian Coatings to hundreds of balconies.

Durwest Traffic Coatings

Urethane or Bentonite Grout Injection

In many cases when correcting damage to concrete from moisture infiltration, it is not practical or economically feasible to excavate and re-waterproof. It is therefore necessary to turn to the wide variety of injection grouts to prevent further damage. Depending on the site condition, you can select from urathene, epoxy through to bentonite.

You can depend on Durwest to help you make the right choice.

Durwest Grout Injection

Radon / Vapour Management


Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot see, smell or taste and can get into your building undetected. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. When radon escapes from the ground into the outdoor air it is diluted to low concentrations and is no cause for concern. However, when radon enters an enclosed space, like a home, workplace, commercial or industrial building, it can accumulateto high levels and become a health hazard

Radon Membrane

A radon membrane is a high performance gas membrane, for use in applications where resistance to radon gas is required as part of either a ‘full’ or ‘basic’ radon protection system.Because radon enters a building from the ground on which it is built, the most effective method of reducing indoor levels, is by preventing it entering the building in the first place. This is done by means of installing a radon barrier correctly by a certified radon contractor.This is a fully sealed very low gas permeability barrier placed over the entire footprint of the building at the time of construction

Vapour Membrane

The use of under slab vapor retarders/barriers has long been regarded as an effective, economical way to control moisture migration through concrete. The proper installation of an effective vapor retarder/barrier beneath the concrete has been proven to reduce or eliminate issues that arise when moisture migrates into interior spaces, including the adverse effects such moisture has on floor covering and coating systems, as well as compromised indoor air quality due to the development of fungus, mildew and mold.

Expansion Joints

Often when two or more large vertical or horizontal sections of concrete are placed, engineers require the placement of an expansion joint between the pieces. This joint allows the pieces to move while keeping the joint watertight and ensuring there is no damage. Durwest is a certified installer for these joints.

Durwest Expansion Joint Service

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